Crete – Balos & Elafonisi

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This is a short film about two lagoons on Crete: Balos and Elafonisi. Car hire is a great way to explore Crete.
The mostly photographed beach in Crete is Balos Lagoon. There are two ways to get to Balos: “hard” by car and “easy” by cruise ferry. To see Balos at it’s full beauty you should go by car. Good idea is to arrive at Balos not later than 11 o’clock before large ship called “Gramvoussa” arrive from Kissamos. It is a time when Balos beach gets overcrowded. I know what I write because I ‘ ve been 3 times on Balos by car 🙂
The next paradise beach on Crete is Elafonisi. It looks like Caribbean Lagoon. In many places the sand has pink color, because of millions of crushed shells.

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