Macbeth – 2015 Trailer (Greek subs)

Ο Μάκβεθ, δούκας της Σκωτίας, λαμβάνει μια προφητεία από τρεις μάγισσες, ότι μια μέρα θα γίνει ο Βασιλιάς της Σκωτίας. Τυφλωμένος από τη φιλοδοξία και με την παρότρυνση της συζύγου του, δολοφονεί το βασιλιά του και παίρνει το θρόνο.

Διανομή: Seven Films/Σπέντζος

Macbeth Official US Release Trailer (2015) – Michael Fassbender War Drama HD

The story of a fearless warrior and inspiring leader brought low by ambition and desire. A thrilling interpretation of the dramatic realities of the times and a truthful reimagining of what wartime must have really been like for one of Shakespeare’s most famous and compelling characters, a story of all-consuming passion and ambition set in war-torn 11th Century Scotland.

113 λεπτά


Jacob Koskoff, Michael Lesslie, Todd Louiso

Justin Kurzel

Michael Fassbender – Macbeth
Marion Cotillard – Lady Macbeth
Jack Madigan – Macbeth Child
Frank Madigan – Macbeth Child
Paddy Considine – Banquo
Lochlann Harris – Fleance
Kayla Fallon – Young Witch
Lynn Kennedy – Middle Witch
Seylan Baxter – Older Witch
Amber Rissmann – Child Witch
Scot Greenan – Young Boy Soldier
Hilton McRae – Macdonwald
David Thewlis – Duncan
David Hayman – Lennox
Jack Reynor – Malcolm
Brian Nickels – Thane of Cawdor
James Harkness – Angus
Ross Anderson – Rosse
Sean Harris – Macduff
Scott Dymond – Seyton
Maurice Roëves – Menteith
Elizabeth Debicki – Lady Macduff
Andrew Gourlay – Ghost Soldier
Eleanor Stagg – MacDuff Child 1
William Stagg – MacDuff Child 2
Matthew Stagg – MacDuff Child 3
Rebecca Benson – Maidservant
Gerard Miller – Messenger

Παραγωγή και Διανομή:
See-Saw Films
DMC Film
Anton Capital Entertainment (ACE)
Film 4
Creative Scotland
Studio Canal
Seven Films/Σπέντζος


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