The Benefactor – 2016 Trailer

A philanthropist meddles in the lives of newly-married couples in an attempt to relive his past

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Andrew Renzi

Andrew Renzi

Dakota Fanning – Olivia
Theo James – Luke
Richard Gere – Franny
Clarke Peters – Dr. Romano
Maria Breyman – Shot Girl
Erica Lynne Arden – Sexy Shot Girl (as Erica Lynne Marszalek)
Marko Caka – Party Guest
Erica Cho – Doctor
Brian Anthony Wilson – Jesse
Michele Everwine – Shot Girl
Jennifer Butler – Gala Staff
Lyssa Roberts – Molly
Tibor Feldman – Dr. Sam
Roy James Wilson – Charlie
Dennisha Pratt – Sharon
Rory Ogden – Child playing
Evan Fenster – Child Patient
Andrea Havens – Franny’s Wealthy Friend
Barbara Edwards – Party Woman
Michael Daisher – Toby
Jayson Williams – Resident
Lynn Golden – Gala Benefit Attendee
Matthew Daisher – Toby
Kelly Buterbaugh – Shot Girl
Derrick T. Lewis – Bouncer
Marc Bicking – Doctor

Παραγωγή και Διανομή:
Big Shoes Media (Celerity Pictures)
Audax Films
End Cue
Magnolia Entertainment
Soaring Flight Productions
TideRock Media
Treehouse Pictures
Feelgood Entertainment

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