Mel Gibson thanks “To Our Veterans” – Hacksaw Ridge (2016 – Movie)

Hi, Mel Gibson here. Thank you for giving me a couple of minutes to honor our veterans.

With every generation I ‘m struck by the intelligible marks left on the minds, hearts and souls of our servicemen and women. And by the deep sacrifice of their families too. I hope that the new film “Hacksaw Ridge” brings awareness to the struggles of our veterans and honors the brave men and women who sacrifice so much for this country.

“Hacksaw Ridge” tells the true story of World War II Medic Desmond Doss. His bravery in battle, for which he received the Medal of Honor, is an example of the kind of courage we all need today.

He tapped into something way bigger than himself, which I believe is the strength and power of God. So did he, by the way.

I’m proud to honor our country’s military with this film.

For the veterans amongst you respect, gratitude and thank you for your service.

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