Raiders of the lost Darth – Movie Mashup

Indy Solo is back in a new galactic adventure!
When Indiana Jones meets Star Wars…
Special edition of the mashup “Raiders of the lost Dark”. (English with French subtitles).

Le célèbre aventurier Indy Solo est de retour dans de nouvelles aventures… galactiques !
Quand Indiana Jones rencontre Star Wars…
Edition spéciale du mashup “Raiders of the lost Dark” !

Cast: Harrison Ford, Alfred Molina, Paul Freeman, Carrie Fisher, Fred Sorenson, Warwick Davis, and C-3PO as “The Idol”.
Films and Characters created by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.
Films used:
– “Raiders of the lost ark”
– “Star Wars”: episodes IV, V, VI, VII.
– “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure”.
Music by John Williams.
(Extracts from “Raiders of the lost ark”, “The Empire strikes back” and “The Return of The Jedi”.)
Mashup imagined by Christophe Lambert and Fabrice Mathieu.
Edited and directed by Fabrice Mathieu

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