Android SDK v0.9 hits the internet looking almost ready for primetime

Ένα βίντεο από την Engadget που επιδεικνύει τα τελευταία καλούδια του Android.

It’s an interesting day for the folks at Google. Not only do we see the supposed GPhone (AKA, the HTC Dream) get trotted out to the FCC, and hear new rumors about the device’s release date, but now there’s a brand-spanking-new release of the Android SDK available. The version? 0.9 — a number which puts this dangerously close to a number that most would consider non-beta. Meanwhile, the new version of the mobile OS has been significantly changed, adding a new widgetified (big old clock: present!) and flickable homescreen, a handy (and speedy) tab to pull up your apps, plus a media player, camera, and handful of other noticeable design tweaks. Don’t believe us? Check out the video after the break showing it all in action.

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