Ecological catastrophe at Amazon river, Peru

Οικολογική καταστροφή στον ποταμό Αμαζόνιο, στο Περού. Οι σύγχρονοι χρυσοθήρες καταστρέφουν το πάλαι ποτέ Παρθένο Δάσος του Αμαζονίου, τους πνεύμονες της Γης μας. Αυτό θα είναι το απεχθές μέλλον για τις Σκουριές στη Χαλκιδική;

Ecological catastrophy at Amazon river, Peru. The modern time gold diggers are ruining the Amazon Rainforest, the lungs of our Earth. Is this the ugly future of Skouries at Chalkidiki, Greece?

Greg Asner, from the Carnegie Department of Global Ecology, supports that more than 50,000 hectares have been affected by gold mining in just the southern part of the department of Madre do Dios. His team and Peruvian researchers has gathered evidence, that will be included in a paper, showing that the rate of gold mining expansion has nearly tripled in recent years, climbing from 2,166 hectares per year prior to 2008 to 6,145 thereafter.

Amazon ecological catastrophe

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