Gear: Fender Ramparte Tube Combo review

The one and only Rob Chapman reviews the new Fender Ramparte guitar amp! This tube combo is something like a follow up to the Fender Excelsior in the Pawn Shop Series.

The all new Fender Ramparte guitar amp from the Fender Pawn Shop has got us all hot under the collar. This a cracking sounding, simple to use & great value guitar amp, which if Prince were to describe it he’d call “a sexy mother f…” (ooops – we’re not supposed to say things like that!). We’re not using any FX or drive pedals – just the ABY which you can read more about later on.
Guitars used are the two new Fender Lonestar & Roadhouse Strats (reviews on those coming soon!) and the Gibson Les Paul Trad Pro II (which we’ve already reviewed).

As mentioned in the video, these amps are only going to be produced for a short period of time & initial demand has been off the scale!! Get you pre order in asap to avoid disappointment.

Any ABY pedal will work with this amp – we used the excellent Decibel 11 Split Personality ABY which you can of course find on our site.

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