Gear: Frankenstomp: Vick Audio ’73 Ram’s Head Review

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Vick Audio ’73 Ram’s Head Review

Guitars: Fender FSR Ash Telecaster (Keystone pickups)
Gibson ES-333 (Classic ’57/’57+ pickups)
Fender Japan ’57 Stratocaster (Warmoth neck)
Fender Japan Jaguar (American Vintage Reissue Pickups)
Epiphone EB-3

Amps: Egnater Tweaker 15
Acoustic B15

Mics: Shure SM-57 (guitar amp, off-center), Shure Beta 52 (bass amp, off-center), CAD M179 (voiceover)

Interface: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
DAW: Pro Tools 8 M-Powered
Inserts: Waves CLA Compressor, guitar setting, Waves L3-16 Limiter
Camera: Canon 60D
Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

Big Muff research and images from The Big Muff Page

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