Gear: Amplified Nation Steel String Singer (Dumble clone)

Demo by Mike Hermans Steel String Singer

Our Steel String Singer is the newest amp to the Amplified Nation line up. The “SSS” is modeled after The Dumble Steel String Singer #005, originally built for Eric Johnson and now owned by Carlos Santana. This version of the SSS is extremely clean (it’s the cleanest SSS) and the 4 x 6550 150w power section stays clean to some of the highest levels of volume we’ve ever heard. The amp has three-tube reverb, a cathode follower driver, send and return reverb controls, bright and deep boosts, and also a rock/jazz EQ switch.

The Amplified Nation Steel String Singer has a punch like you wouldn’t believe. The bass is tight and defined, with soaring “clean-lead” tones. While most guitar amps that are known for “sustain” when using the overdrive channel, the SSS sustain is extraordinary, and can even flip notes into feedback without overdrive. It is a remarkable experience to play one of these amps. The tones are very hi-fi and three-dimensional and the clean tones that the SSS provides are unmatched. Preamp boost and FET (additional gain stage) are built into the amp.

· 150w 4×6550 power section
· Single channel with FET or normal input, footswitchable, with levels for both inputs
· Three-tube reverb
· High and Low 6-position EQ Filters
· Half power
· Passive Effects loop
· Choice of Tolex or Suede cabinet
· Footswitch for FET, Preamp Boost, and Reverb-off
· 65lbs 28.5 W x 12.5 T x 11.5 D

· $3995 150w

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