Gear: Mjolnir JOYO High Gain Tube Amplifier

Dual Channel(Clean/Distortion) switchable
Tube set: ECC83*3,ECC82*1,EL84*2
Independent 3 band EQ for each channel
Independent Volume control for each channel
Boost funtion
Vintage/MOD distortion mode switchable
send and return effect loop with loop bypass funtion
speaker output: 4/8/16Ω switchable
rated power: 15W(RMS)
Accessory: footswitch pedal (attached to the amp)

JOYO Mjolnir High Gain Tube Amplifier is designed especially for metal sounds.

It features a straightforward approach with deep low end and searing distortion. This amplifier will give twin coil pickups a thunderous roar and make single coils cut straight through the mix!

The JMA-15 is designed with a classical high gain circuit and two channels: Channel 1 is CLEAN, PUSH is used for boosting middle frequency and gain. Channel 2 is distortion and includes NORMAL and MID CUT controls.

When in NORMAL mode you can obtain fierce modern distortion. Engaging the MID CUT will give you a solid and heavy low frequency. BOOST can be used on both channels.

Channel switching is easily accessed during performance via the included FOOT SWITCH.The JMA-15 is housed in an all-metal case, and is powered by three ECC83, one ECC82, two EL84. 15W output, can be used for practicing, rehearsal and performance.

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