My Roommate is a Tokoloshe – 2010

After 2 years of being stored in the iKind Vault, we thought now was a good time to officially release one of our earlier productions to the world… ‘My Roommate is a Tokoloshe’ is a light-hearted, deliciously South African comedy from the mind of iKind Producer and D.O.P Devin Carter.
Producer, Director, writer, D.O.P, editor – Devin Carter
Art Director/Production designer – Shanelle Jewnarain
Camera, lighting and sound assistant – Marcus Hebbelmann

Dirk – Brad Backhouse
Tokoloshe – Stephan Bond
Lucky – Jake Rosenburg
Sangoma – Similo Gobingca
Dr. Mandla – Blessing Majola
Mandy – Gina Hutton
Freaked out guy – Mark Edwards
Girl in Office – Shanelle Jewnarain
Guy at Party – Marcus Hebbelmann
Rat – Apollo Gundani
An iKind Media Production 2010

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