Gear: Tone King Imperial MK II

Tone King’s M. Bartel introduces the new Imperial MK II model

Output Power: 20W

2-spring, tube-driven reverb circuit

Speakers: 12”, 8-Ohm Ceramic Magnet ‘Tone King 33’ Made by Eminence

V1 Tung Sol 12AX7A Stage 1 (Rhythm+Lead), Stage 2 (Lead)
V2 Tung Sol 12AX7A Stage 2 (Rhythm), Stage 3 (Lead)
V3 EH 12AT7 Reverb Driver
V4 Tung Sol 12AX7A Reverb receiver
V5 Tung Sol 12AX7A Phase Inverter
V6-V7 TAD 6V6 Output Tubes
V8 TAD/Sovtek 5AR4 Rectifier

6V6 Tube Choices:
I prefer the TAD 6V6 for its warmth, smooth compression, and balanced top end.
The JJ brand 6V6 is another acceptable choice. The JJ 6V6 has a bigger, fatter sound
than the TAD, but is a bit less lively sounding, and has a more muted top end. It
sounds a bit more like a 6L6 than a 6V6

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