Revan – 2015 Star Wars fan film (full movie, english subs)

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In Loving Memory of George Shulgach

And in celebration for The Force Awakens!

BASED ON THE BOOK ‘Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan”

This film was done as a labor of love, with fans/volunteers and thousands of man hours, contributed by both cast and crew.

Plot: “Redeemed Jedi Knight, Revan, has saved the galaxy from the threat of his apprentice, Darth Malak, and has brought peace to the galaxy and to his wife, Bastilla. However, long forgotten memories from his once dark past convict him to search the galaxy for the evil threat that he and Malak ventured out to find once before. On the Imperial center of Dromund Kaas, Scourge, a Sith Pureblood, has been sent by order of the Emperor himself, where he is admitted into the investigation services for dark council member, Darth Nyriss, due to multiple assassination attempts. Nyriss orders Scourge to investigate the real culprits. After executing dark council member and traitor to the Empire, Darth Xedix, Scourge learns that Darth Nyriss herself is among the rebels. After a visit to the long lost home world of the emperor, he understand the true intentions of his raw destructive power and the necessity of stopping him.”

“Revan – Star Wars Fan Film (2015)” is a non-profit fan film based on the book ‘Star Wars The Old Republic: Revan’ by Drew Karpyshyn. Star Wars is the sole copyright of Lucasfilm Ltd. The purpose of this film is to showcase the talents of its participants, with the motivation of indie filmmakers.

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