Music Gear: Mooer Micro Looper pedal DEMO

The Micro Looper by Mooer is a simple but powerful looper pedal with 30 minutes of high-quality recording time and unlimited overdubs, which allow you to easily create complex soundscapes.

The pedal’s Full Metal Housing and beautifully designed interior ensure optimal performance and durability.

Memory Function: When the power supply is disconnected while the STATUS LED is blinking blue, the loop or layered loops will be stored automatically until next time the pedal is used, once the pedal is powered again the LED will start blinking to indicate there is a loop in the memory.

Mooer Micro Looper controls:

A single footswitch lets you easily control all the Looper related functions while the Status LED indicates the pedal status.
The LEVEL KNOB lets you control the volume of the loops while the dry signal remains unaffected.

The Micro Looper works with any standard 9V AC Adapter (center minus plug).

Music and performance by David Escobar

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