Category: Just For Laughs tv

Remote Controlled Accident

[youtube] Man in wheelchair drops his remote control and is sent flying in garbage and boxes by innocent bystanders. From the archives of the Just For Laughs gags

UFO Attack!

[youtube] Sneaky little man attacks tennis players with a miniature helicopter. From the Just For Laughs Gags Archives.

Shoot the robbers!

[youtube] Bystanders are given a gun by the police, will the shoot the robbers when they try to escape? From the Just For Laughs archives.

Jones Big Ass Truck Rental & Storage

[youtube] Toby Jones will store anything you want for $10.99. Created by bigdogeatchild Buy their T-Shirts here:

Damn (You Wish)

[youtube] CKC/TMC/Beena Steena Recorded by Soce Dir. by Anya Garrett

Help Wanted

[youtube] She asks for some help and then runs away. From the archives of

Ambulance Confessions

[youtube] Created by the wonderful people at "Don’t touch me there!"


[youtube] The dramatic story of an iconic 90s boy band. Created by Robotic Willy:

Where The Girls Gone Wild Things Are

[youtube] Where The Wild Things Are Where The Girls Gone Wild Are At… or something like that. Created by Stuckey & Murray:

Beta Delta Gamma

[youtube] Would knowing the secret Beta Delta Gamma handshake get him out of his parking ticket? Created by The Imponderables:

Saw 14: The One Where Saw Constantly Screws Up

[youtube] For years, the Jigsaw killer has created incredibly complex deathtraps that always seem to work to perfection. But this Halloween, stuff…goes..WRONG. Created by the fine people at donttouchmethere: