Way Huge Electronics Saucy Box Overdrive

Pro Guitar Shop review for Way Huge Electronics Saucy Box Overdrive

You just heard the Saucy Box, a sassy new do-it-all overdrive from our friends at Way Huge Electronics. Despite its simple layout, the Saucy Box is practically bubbling over with tone, from transparent buffering and rich, juicy boost with the drive knob down, to complex (dare we say “Klon-like”?), overdrive tones with drive at noon, to sweet, creamy musical saturation as the drive knob veers clockwise. It achieves this diverse range of tones with a unique circuit that splits the guitar signal into two discrete paths; one clean and one dirty, which are then expertly blended for an ideal amalgamation of overdrive, compression, and dynamic clarity. Its controls are highly interactive, and the pristine passive tone circuit lets you quickly find your sweet spot, no matter what guitar and pickup combination you’re plugging in. With its versatile tones and rugged simplicity, this saucy box can replace a whole pedalboard full of lesser overdrives. Like all Jeorge Tripps’ designs, the Way Huge Saucy Box is constructed of the finest components available, featuring rugged true bypass switching and standard 9v operation.

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