Gear: 35 overdrive pedals shootout

Zvex Box of Rock, Klon pedals, Paul Cochrane Timmy pedals, and more in this overdrive pedals shootout

Talking ends at 00:03:13.

We recorded 35 overdrive pedals using a Linhof tele, Two-Rock amplifier, and Protools HD in Taylor Barefoot’s recording studio. Intro and exit music is Indian Summer by Orphans of the Storm. Recorded and edited in 1080p by David Fisher. Not intended as a scientific test of all pedals, but as a quick walkthrough of their basic sounds. Sit back and enjoy.

Times, Pedals used

3:18 Black Cat Pedals OD-1
4:01 Basic Audio Futureman
5:02 Boss DS-1
5:56 Budda Fat Man
6:45 Caroline Guitar Co Wave Cannon
7:33 Crowther Hot Cake
8:16 Earthquaker Devices White Light OD
9:01 Freakshow Brown Rabbit
10:43 Fulltone OCD v4
11:33 Fulltone Fulldrive 2
12:23 Fulltone GT-500
13:06 FX Doctor OD
14:00 FXEngineering Sidewinder Open Overdrive
14:54 Ibanez TS9 RI
15:44 Ibanez TS808 RI
17:23 Klon Centaur (Silver)
18:23 Klon Centaur (Gold)
20:00 Klon overdrive (new)
21:00 Landgraff Distortion box/Classic Overdrive
21:51 Lovepedal Kanji
22:36 Lovepedal Kalamazoo
22:27 MXR Classic Overdrive M-66
24:11 Paul C Tim (HW)
25:01 Paul C Tim (PCB)
25:51 Paul C Timmy
26:39 Rockbox Boiling Point
27:29 Rodenberg Gas 808
28:22 Skreddy Screwdriver
29:10 Wampler Paisley Drive
29:59 Wampler Plexi Overdrive
30:45 Wampler Black ’65 Overdrive
31:36 Xotic AC
32:28 Xotic BB
33:16 Xotic RC
33:59 Zvex Box of Rock

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