Gear: Fender Humboldt Hot Rod V2 with Distortion Pedals

The Fender Humboldt Hot Rod V2 is exclusively available at

In this video you can see how it cooperates with the following Distortion Pedals:
Boss DS-1
Wampler Plextortion
Bogner Uberschall

Fender Humboldt is a 15 Watts tube amp combo, with 3 12AX7 Preamp and a pair of EL84 Power Tubes, and has Volume, Treble, Bass, Middle, Master and Reverb Controls. I must say that I really like the Fat Switch, it gives a nice boost / overdrive character to your guitar tone.

Fender Humboldt features a fine tuned Cannabis Rex 12″, 50 Watt Speaker by Eminence. By using a hemp cone, the speaker naturally rolls off some higher frequencies and produces a smoother tone across the board.

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