Gear: Orange Amps DIVO Embedded Rockerverb 100 MKII

Orange Amps Product Specialist Doug Doppler demonstrates the DIVO Embedded Rockerverb 100 MIKII. The auto-biasing DIVO circuitry allows you to mix and match power amp tubes like 6V6s, KT88s, and EL34s to create your own tube tone. Tube failure detection will pull a malfunctioning tube and it’s mate off line, protecting your amp for catastrophe.

Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII is an all Valve, channel-switching amplifier with ultra-transparent effects loop and valve-driven reverb. The Rockerverb 100 MKII Head DIVO utilises a two stage clean channel with a four stage dirty channel.

What is DIVO and what does it do?

– DIVO is a new component that overcomes many of the problems associated with conventional tube amplification. DIVO addresses these problems without changing the fundamental valve amplification process, hence the resulting sound output still exhibits that pure analogue magic

– Eliminates the need for bias current matching of amplifier output valves, this increases manufacturing efficiencies.

– Eliminates the need to purchase valves in ‘matched pairs’ and replaces conventional biasing components.

– Automatically micro-adjusts the bias on each valve to ensure the full potential of each valve in the system is realised throughout its working life.

– Replaces conventional valve testing methods by performing an ‘in circuit’ test every time the amplifier is powered up

– If DIVO detects a faulty valve, it can automatically ‘switch out’ the offending valve and run the amp at half power, until the defective valve can be replaced

– Dynamically measures the amplitude of the drive signals supplied to the grids of each output valve and optimises performance accordingly.

– Maintains the classic warm sound of the amplifier by ensuring valve distort symmetrically

– Reduces quiescent power consumption when compared to conventional amplifier biasing techniques by an average of 20%.

– DIVO knows the optimum operating temperature of your valves, so there is no need to warm up your amp. DIVO will get you to where you need to be just as soon as you start playing.

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