Gear: JAM Pedals WaterFall Chorus / Vibrato into a 1977 Dumble Overdrive Special presents JAM Pedals WaterFall analog Chorus / Vibrato.

Featuring Randy Volin playing his original 1957 Stratocaster and 1977 Dumble Overdrive Special.

The WaterFall is handmade in Greece with NOS Panasonic MN3101 and MN3007 chips for vintage analog tone.

There are knobs for Speed and Depth on the top as well as two toggle switches. The switch on the right selects between Chorus and Vibrato. The Width switch on the left makes the Chorus more watery and the pitch shift of the Vibrato more intense. An internal trimmer adjusts the maximum speed available from the Speed knob.

We recorded at Big Scary Tree studios with a Royer 121 and a Shure SM 57 right on the amp and an AKG 414 EB Silver for the room. The pre’s are Classic Audio Products of Illinois 312 and VP26’s.

Chorus was developed to mimic the sound of a Leslie rotating speaker in pedal form. In this video we demonstrate the WaterFall’s lower speed Chorus settings yielding a nice, slow Leslie sound.

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